Custom Tailored just For You

Most of my pieces are one of a kind and hand made. 

My most popular necklace is a fold over held by weights. it can be crossed over at any height to match your various necklines and is great for travelling!

Other than that I make necklaces in color tones that suit your taste and if clasps are a problem for you, I will make it just the right size to fit over your head.

I usually can make matching earrings too if that is your preference.

Currently I am returning to my old love of stones and am wire wrapping glass, stones and crystals.  Just ask !

In addition, if you need your necklace to be longer, shorter, or in particular colors please just let me know and I will try to make the jewelry meet your specifications..... as long as I have ~ or can source out the materials. 

In one instance someone wanted an exact match to her dusty rose leather coat ....and I ended up shopping for a total of 7 hours until I found the perfect beads !   Now this unique piece is worn by the lovely Emoke!

And more often than not, I am finding that I have been known to do some repairs on your existing jewelry !  All you can do is ask :)

I also will make recycled necklaces, which is nice for memory pieces :)

The Creative Process

For those who are interested I would love to explain the process I have for making my jewelry pieces !

  1. I turn my mind off !  I sink into my unconscious and let my intuition take over and let my hands flow.  I certainly don't 'think' as I let myself pick what feels right coming from an inner wisdom.  In brief, I am letting my body decide.
  2. I usually do this in the early evening, (on a lovely full stomach) as I like the fusion of natural and artificial light to guide my selection of beads and metals and colors.
  3. I place them intuitively on my layout board and then I let them sit all night. In the morning I walk over and see them in pure natural light and make some changes if required.  Then I let them sit again.
  4. Now late at night in pure artifical lighting I make my final changes until it all feels 'just right' everything fitting into place and then I make the piece.  
  5. I always infuse love and light into my work and I feel blessed that people are actually walking around wearing my 'work', that feels fantastic ! 
  6. Then I let them sit overnight again and take one last look in the morning before I take a picture :)

Note:  If I follow the above process, this never feels like work, it just flows. And if starts to become work, then I stop and wait until I am ready to approach it 'just right'.  I am the same as what I do.